Why is I.T. a Lucrative Industry for Women?

Working in the I.T. industry may seem unappealing to some women. However, working in the I.T. industry is something more women beginning their university studies should truly consider. There are many benefits including a higher salary, a higher employment rate, and higher levels of relevance between what you learn in school and what you use in your area of employment.  

A recent article by the HEA states that “at Honours Bachelor Degree level, Computer Science/ICT graduates are the highest earners, with 62 percent earning €29,000 or more”. They also said that “73 percent of Computer Science and ICT got jobs in Ireland - the highest proportion of any discipline”. I know as I get closer to graduation, I’m more and more worried that I won’t be able to find a job. Having that job security and knowing you have multiple options for jobs to choose from is a truly wonderful and underestimated thing to have. 

Additionally, the world is getting more and more computerised and having advanced computer skills is a very competitive and desired skill to have. A computing degree is also a very relevant degree to have. The HEA states that “78 percent of ICT Honours Bachelor Degree graduates reported high levels of relevance between their education and area of employment”. I find this statistic very important because it makes you want to pay attention and learn more in your classes if you believe you are actually going to use the material or knowledge you are learning. I can’t tell you how many times I have been in class learning something and thinking to myself, when will I ever need to know this. It is so much more rewarding and more beneficial when you can actually see how you will apply what you learn in real life.

The I.T. industry is currently a male dominated industry. However, multiple women have made great strides to even out this difference. Three women who specifically stood out to me are:

  • Marissa Mayer 
  • Carly Fiorina
  • Lorraine Twohill

Marissa Mayer

(Source: Forbes.com)

Marissa Mayer is currently a top business leader, engineer, and computer programmer in the states. She started her career out as an engineer at Google and is behind the easy interfaces of multiple google products such as Google Maps, Google Earth, and Gmail. In 2012 she became the new president and CEO of Yahoo, becoming one of 20 women running a Fortune 500 company. She never let this faze her and believes that gender shouldn’t affect your position or job employment in the technological industry. She is a mother to three kids and truly proves that any woman who sets her mind to it can be successful in the I.T. industry. If you want to read more about Marissa Mayer, Biography has a very nice article with many facts on her. 

Carly Fiorina

CEO of Hewlett-Packard, Carly Fiorina. Source: PBS.
(Source: PBS )

Carly Fiorina is another inspiration to women thinking about entering the I.T. industry. After dropping out of law school she began working at AT&T as a management trainee and eventually became the first female officer in AT&T’s Network Systems Division. By 1998, Fortune named her the most powerful women in business. In 1999, she made history by becoming the CEO of Hewlett-Packard, one of the world’s most important technology companies. This was groundbreaking because this made her the first female CEO of a Fortune 100 company and set the groundwork for many other women to follow in her footsteps on their way to the top. Carly Fiorina’s story tells us that things that seem like a disaster at the time can actually be a blessing in disguise. She realised the growing demand and importance of network technology in the business world and took advantage of that to grow her career. 

Lorraine Twohill

Senior VP of Global Marketing at Google, Lorraine Twohill. Source: Sunday Business Post.
(Source: Sunday Business Post )

Lorraine Twohill is an Irish woman who is definitely a role model for anyone considering a degree in the I.T. industry. After working for Google for 11 years she was appointed Senior VP of Global Marketing at Google in 2014 and is one of the two women who sit on the board of eleven Senior VPs at Google. According to The Independent, she is responsible for the largest marketing budget in the world at $1 billion in advertising spent in the United States alone. 

Technology has become so important in our world today that it is needed in almost every field. Because of this growth, there are a wide variety of job opportunities available. Griffith College has many wonderful courses that will provide you with the training and experience you need to succeed in this field. For example, in our BSc Honours Degree in Computer Science, 3rd year students complete a 6 month placement in their chosen industry before they even graduate! 

Any woman or business professional should consider taking either a short course or part-time course in computing. Learning the skills taught in these courses will make you a much more competitive candidate. It will give you the ability to change your career, move up in your company, or even receive a higher salary.

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Lauren Van Sickle
Lauren Van Sickle

Lauren is an American travel enthusiast who spends most of her time studying marketing and interning in the Griffith College marketing department. When she isn’t getting lost on the streets of Dublin or quoting Harry Potter she is planning her next travel experience.

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