IT Jobs for the Future

Are you thinking about a career in IT? Ireland’s digital age has brought many opportunities for computing graduates. Get your circuits wired for an exciting career.

Cool for School

I went to national school in a small village in the midlands in the 1980’s. One day our headmaster brought a shiny new computer into the classroom. We knew what it was, we’d seen it on telly. But not in real life. He told us that computers were the future and we should all learn to use one. It was important we knew that you didn’t ‘play’ with a computer, you worked at it.

Looking back now, our school principal was really ahead of the curve. No other school in the area had a computer, other school principals came to check our computers out. In school we learned basic commands to get the computer to do certain tasks, a little bit of coding to create simple programmes and that computers were pretty cool.

Back to the Future

Fast forward to the present day and computers really are the future. Blast it, but our school headmaster was right! In Ireland 79% of households have a computer. Many homes have several. And many of us who grew up with computers are either working in or working towards a job in information technology. 

The Web Summit may be heading for sunnier shores but the opportunities for Irish IT graduates are still bountiful. Minister for Jobs, Richard Bruton said earlier this month that

"A key part of the Government’s Action Plan for Jobs is ensuring that we attract more fast-growing start-ups and emerging companies to locate in Ireland, so that they establish deep roots here from early in their growth and make a major impact on our economy."

Demand for IT graduates

IT graduates are in fierce demand at home and abroad. Every week we hear about new job announcements which is really encouraging. Every major internet or computing giant has a base in Ireland. Apple recently announced 1,000 jobs to be based in Cork, Squarespace the  all-in-one website publishing platform will have an extra 160 in Dublin. And it’s not just the global giants, in October, leading Irish IT professional services company Ammeon said it will create 100 highly-skilled jobs over the next 12 months as it expands its DevOps and Cloud Centre of Excellence.

The Irish Independent released a list of the top 50 jobs of the future and at the number one spot was IT project management which accounts for one in seven jobs in the industry. Four out of the top 5 on their list were IT related careers.

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